Stepfamily Holiday Blues – How to Beat ’em

Among the many, many difficulties that stepfamilies face throughout the first years of their blending process, enjoying holidays seems to be one of the toughest. Your kids and stepkids have had quite a year, preceding this season. Now, into the middle of a home still trying to establish some sort of familiarity, come the holidays. […]

What Exactly Is a Parenting Coordinator?

What is Parenting Coordination you ask? While it is tempting to give a quick definition based upon the Florida legislative vision of what it is supposed to be, the vitriol which some writers have heaped upon it requires a more in-depth answer. When I returned to law school in my early forties, I was not […]

Stepparent Visitation Rights in California

California has endeavored, by statute, to understand the right of stepparents to have visitation legal rights with their stepchildren. Nevertheless, quite a few new Court docket selections, have seriously restricted the scope of stepparent’s legal rights, and, the jurisdiction and discretion of demo courts in looking at stepparent visitation requests. A. Statutory Authority For Stepparent […]