The Traits of a Mediator

A mediator requires to develop a number of talents: 1) attentiveness 2) ethics 3) emotional intelligence 4) issue make any difference knowledge 5) decisiveness. ATTENTIVENESS The most essential skill for a mediator is to pay out interest. A person eminent historian has created that our whole society suffers from consideration deficit. [Niall Ferguson: Colossus, 2004] […]

Workplace Conflict: Training, Conflict Coaching, and Mediation, As Solutions

How often do you experience conflict at work? According to a poll by Civility in America, 43% of American workers have experienced incivility and 38% say there is increasing disrespect in the workplace. An additional survey, commissioned by CPP, Inc., indicates that employees around the world deal with conflict, on average, 2.1 hours a week, […]