Amazing LifeFlow Meditation 2. Overview & Obtain

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Michael Mackenzie formulated the LifeFlow mediation technique. On his website he states that ‘within 8 minutes‘ you will get started to experience the satisfaction of happy endorphins and anti-growing old hormones flowing by way of your mind and physique.

Daring assertion… correct?

From my personalized working experience, this assertion lives up to its declare. Within just 15minutes I encounter a calmer intellect condition with pleasurable feelings by way of my physique.

LifeFlow mediation 2. is a terrific brainwave entrainment program. It will acquire you by successively ‘lower’ audio tracks to establish and grow your mind. This will foster ‘whole brain thinking’ or ‘whole mind synchronization’. Whole brain imagining is when the two hemispheres of our brain, left and ideal, function in harmony with each and every other. This produces unmatched concentration with a sturdy sense of peace & achievement.

LifeFlow Meditation system captivated me simply because of the small value tag, as opposed with other brainwave entrainment programs..Meditation has been scientifically proven to support you to reduce worry and panic. It also allows to make improvements to mental clarity..

There are a selection of factors I opt for to use LifeFlow meditation. I use LifeFlow mediation to put me to snooze if I are unable to wind down in mattress.. I use it to take it easy and unwind soon after a stress filled working day at get the job done and I only have to have to hear to the keep track of for 20mins to generate the wished-for outcome. The complete 40min length of the track is excellent when I want to go into a deep meditation/reflection state.

While you can carry on on with the rest of the software, my information is to grab the initially observe and see how you go.


Lifeflow is made up of 10 Amounts, divided into 10 40min audio tracks (mp3s). The tracks can be played on any mp3 participant. Just down load it and start off playing!!

Bonus tracks:

1) Inventive Stream – $67 price – This monitor claims to “manual you into an enjoyable and inspiring theta brainwave point out involved with improved creative imagination”. To carry out duties, that need to have extra creative imagination, I merely hear to this observe.

2) Optimal Studying – $67 price – This track statements “You will enhance retention and find out with a lot a lot less psychological effort and hard work”. I individually enhance my psychological clarity while listening to this observe.


The LifeFlow Mediation system proceeds to do the job extremely very well for me. I often hear to a observe when I experience stressed out or anxious. I will either be up and about, or just lying down. It has a profound impact on my consciousness. The price of LifeFlow mediation is practically nothing when compared to the advantages. You can accessibility mp3s instantly. I suggest LifeFlow 9/10!

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